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Pet Hereoez™️ - Anti-Bark Collar + (Free Dog Training Ebook Included)

Pet Hereoez™️ - Anti-Bark Collar + (Free Dog Training Ebook Included)

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The Perfect Solution Against Excessive Dog Barking

100% Pain Free & Humane

Stops Excessive Barking

Works With Ultrasound and Vibration

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Veterinarian Recommended

A Harmless And Effective Way To Stop Your Dog's Excessive Barking

Are you tired of waking up in the middle of the night from your dog's excessive barking? Have your neighbour's been complaining about your dog’s bad barking habits? Are you looking for a safe and effective solution to stop unwanted barking without harming them? Look no further than our Anti-Bark Collar, proven to be environmentally safe and humane way to control even the most stubborn dog to stop barking. 

100% Painless, Safe, And Effective

The collar is remarkable not only is it easy to use and comfortable to wear, but also for its utilisation of sound wave technology. The emitted sound waves, triggered by your dog's barking, are inaudible to humans yet effectively stops your dog from barking excessively.. With integrated voice recognition, the collar ensures that the sound waves activate only in response to your dog's barks.

Suitable For All Sizes And Breeds

Our Anti-Bark Collar uses the latest ultrasonic technology and is suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs. The device automatically senses the dog's barking sound, it then emits a high-pitched tone that only dogs can hear. Startled by the sound, the dog will stop barking and the ultrasonic waves will stop.

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Don't know the benefits of our Pet Hereoez Anti-Bark Collar?

  • Humane & Safe: Our collar teaches your pup to be relaxed and trusting instead of terrified. The no shock dog barking collar offers a highly effective, pain-free bark training solution, whether you're after bark collars for small dogs or something that fits all the way up to medium and large dogs.
  • Vibration & sound: Our no bark collars for dogs combine 2 vibration modes & 7 sound stages to deliver progressive bark training while remaining a no shock bark collar. The dog barking collar provides instant, automatic feedback tailored to your dog, whatever its size - making it the perfect small dog bark collar, anti bark collar for medium dogs or bark collar for large dog all in one!
  • Voice recognition function only triggers when the dog barks: Our collar features a smart microphone that responds to your dog’s unique bark only! This collar has 7 sensitivity levels that can be adjusted to match environmental noise, meaning the collar is both a no shock bark collar while also not being triggered unnecessarily - making for a happy, quiet dog!
  • For pups of all shapes & sizes: Our no bark collars for dogs fit pups between 4 kg and 50 kg. The wide dog collar is adjustable up to 22 inches. The dog bark collar for medium dogs, small dogs, and large dogs comes with prong covers for long-haired breeds, making it an effective no shock bark collar for dogs of all sizes.
  • Veterinarian Approved: Unlike other methods, such as shock collars, our ultrasonic barking control device does not require physical contact with the dog, which can be uncomfortable and distressing for some dogs.
  • Affordable: Obedience schools cost up to $600 per week, while “boot camp” training can go as high as $1,250 weekly. Why not save yourself the frustration and expense? With our Bark Collar you can train away bad barking behaviour quickly and easily, at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone else


  • Vibration & sound: Our dog bark collar for training combines 2 vibration modes with 7 sound stages. Once you have chosen the desired mode, the vibration and sound level will automatically increase in intensity whenever your dog barks for more than 1 minute. Once your dog stops barking for 1 minute, the barking collar will automatically reset to step 1, thus providing immediate training feedback to your pup!
  • 7 sensitivity levels: It’s quick and easy to set the vibrating anti barking collar for dogs to the right sensitivity level for any occasion! Level 1 is the least sensitive and it’s ideal for when you’re out and about surrounded by lots of noise or watching TV., the perfect small dog bark collar Level 7 is the most sensitive; perfect for low environmental noise, like at night time or when you’re alone with your dog and the perfect bark collar for large dog.
  • Rechargeable & waterproof: The no shock bark collar has a long-lasting battery life (up to 14 days) and is rain, snow, and splash proof. This makes the dog bark collar suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a most effective bark collar in all settings, whether you need anti bark collars for small dogs or whether your dog is medium or large.
  • Adjustable fit: No one likes bark collars with an uncomfortable fit. But fitting your new dog barking collar isn’t just about making your pup comfortable, it’s a crucial step in ensuring its safety and effectiveness! Luckily, fitting our anti bark collar is quick and easy following these 3 steps. Make sure your dog stands for this.
  1. Place collar
  2. Adjust fit
  3. Trim excess material


Everything is included for you in this package...

  • 1 x Pet Heroez Anti-Bark Collar
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Instructions
  • 1 x Dog Training E-Book
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Try It Risk Free | 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If your Pet Hereoez Anti-Bark Collar breaks or you simply don’t like it anytime within 30 days of your Pet Hereoez Anti-Bark Collar arriving. Give us an email. We’ll replace it or give you 100% of your money back. We’re that confident in our product

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  • ★★★★★

    "So impressed with this Anti-Bark Collar. Our adorable but naughty boy was driving us crazy with barking at anything that moved or made a sound, even planes. He also barked at the surrounding 4 neighbouring dogs. Response to the collar was almost immediate which surprised us because he is quite stubborn. Now it is so peaceful and we can enjoy our little fella, giving him lots of praise for being quiet (a little bark & he stops) Truly a miracle"

    ~ Sue F.

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  • ★★★★★

    "Worked instantly!!! Worth every penny! Would 100% recommend buying one of these if your dog won’t stop barking, especially at 4am. Happy neighbours, happy life 😊. Delivery was super quick as well!"

    ~ Susan S.

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  • ★★★★★

    “Oh my lord we in heaven now. My Sam would Bark all the time. I mean non-stop and she would scare my little child. She didn't want to come out of the room. But now everyone is happy!!”

    ~ Ashley N.

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  • ★★★★★

    “We never wanted a shock collar but one that uses wave technologies sounded alright. One week in our dogs have transformed. One bark and they stop. Two weeks in we only use this collar for walks. We are happy and pleased with the results. Great buy.”

    ~ Nancy M.

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Hear Authentic Experiences & Stories Straight From Our Customers

  • 100% Pain Free and Humane

  • Sound Wave Technology

  • Stops Excessive Barking

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Pet Heroez Anti-Bark Collar Vs Dog Shock Collar

Dog shock collars usually have serious negative effects on the psychological and physical well-being of dogs. Scientific research shows that using dog shock collars for training can lead to behavioural problems such as fear, aggression, stress, increased heart rate, and phobias. Our Barking Control Device is 100% safe and does not cause any harm to dogs and doesn’t affect their health or emotions in any way. This is the safest and most humane way to prevent excessive barking.

  • ★★★★★

    "Seeing client success stories with the Pet Hereoez Anti-Bark Collar is a testament to its effectiveness. My clients reported a massive reduction in their dog's bad barking habits, leading to more peaceful days at home and fewer complaints from neighbours.

    As a result, they have the opportunity to focus on the joys of being together with their dog without the frustration of excessive noise."

    ~ Ben S.

    Qualified Dog Behaviourist of 23 years.

  • ★★★★★

    "As a professional behaviourist (training 25 different breeds to date) My Pet Heroez provides me with the most reliable anti-bark collar on the market and gives me the edge in everyday training."

    ~ Sandra M.

    Qualified Dog Behaviourist of 10 years

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our story

Dedicated To A Humane And Safe Way To Stop Your Dog's Excessive Barking.

The Pet Heroes Anti-Bark Collar originated from a young married couple seeking to stopping their furry friend from excessive barking without hurting them. Over time, we've assisted countless animals globally, receiving heartwarming stories daily about how the Anti-Bark Collar has positively impacted our four-legged friends, with every purchase, 5% contributes to rescue dogs shelter fundraisers.

Free E-Book With Every Purchase

Get a free e-book with your purchase of the Pet Hereoez Anti-Bark Collar and dive into the life of dogs! This e-book, provides you with foolproof techniques and essential training methods to equip you with the knowledge and practical advice on how to build a better bond with your canine companion for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this collar safe for my dog?

Yes, absolutely, anti-bark collars are painless and utilize sound and vibration are engineered to be safe and humane. They do not cause any physical harm or discomfort to the dog. The stimuli are gentle and non-painful, serving as a deterrent without causing undue stress or harm.

Will this collar scare or traumatize my dog?

No, the purpose of the sound and vibration stimuli is not to frighten or traumatize the dog, but rather to interrupt the barking behavior and redirect their attention. Most dogs quickly learn to associate their barking with the unpleasant sensation or sound, which can lead to a decrease in excessive barking over time.

Can I adjust the sensitivity on this collar?

Yes, the Pet Heroez Anti-Bark Collar offers 7 adjustable sensitivity levels, providing you the flexibility to tailor the collar to your dog's requirements and temperament. Adjusting the sensitivity ensures that the collar responds appropriately to your dog's barking behavior while avoiding activation by other sounds or vibrations."

Will my dog become reliant on the collar to stop barking?

The purpose of the anti-bark collar is to aid in training your dog to reduce excessive barking. As your dog begins to associate barking with the unpleasant stimulus provided by the collar, they may learn to modify their behavior even when not wearing it. While the collar serves as a training tool, it's beneficial to gradually reduce reliance on it as your dog's barking behavior improves over time.

What happens if my product arrives broken or is faulty? 

If your Anti-Bark Collar breaks or you simply don’t like it anytime within 30 days of your Anti-Bark Collar arriving. Give us an email. We’ll replace it or give you 100% of your money back. We’re that confident in our product

How can I return my product?

To initiate a return for your product, simply send us an email at

indicating your desire to return your order. We'll promptly provide you with the returns address.

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