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Cooling Dog Vest

Cooling Dog Vest

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Keep Your Dog Cool On Even The Hottest Of Days

Don't let the summer heat stop your pet from enjoying the outdoors! Our Cooling Dog Vest is the perfect solution to keep your furry friend cool and happy. Simply dip the vest in water and wring it out, and it's ready for your pet to wear! The water on the vest's surface will replace your dog's body heat, providing a refreshing and cooling sensation as they freely run and play outdoors.

Cooling Materials

Equipped with a special material, the vest keeps your pet's body at a low temperature. This way, they can take on the day without feeling sluggish or overheating.

Breathable Layers

Ergonomic designed to loosely yet securely hug the body. It does not restrict your pet's body. Made with multiple layers of comfy and Breathable material. It allows air to flow freely through the body even with its snug fit.

SPF 50 UV Protection 

A vest that provides sun protection, preventing sunburn and skin issues. Evaporative cooling, keeping your dog cool when hiking, walking, camping, Perfect for hot summer activities. 


Don't know the benefits of our Cooling Dog Vest?

  • Easy To Wear: There's no need to break a sweat when strapping the vest onto your pet's body. It comes with large buckles that are easy to snap together and a set of D-rings that fit perfectly with any leash.
  • Easy Clean & Dry: When the cooling vest is dirty, it can be directly cleaned with water and then hung to dry, very convenient.
  • Reusable: Can be used over and over; just wet with water when dry and repeat
  • Keep your pet cool for several hours.


  • Size adjustment: The straps on the waist are adjustable, allows for a snug fit that will not move around or slide.
  • Reflective strip: The strap with 3M Reflective offer a high visibility for additional safety. 
  • Two way zipper to access harness or collar

How To Use

Size Guide


Everything is included for you in this package...

  • 1x Cooling Dog Vest
  • 1x E-book Training Guide
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Free E-Book With Every Purchase

Get a free e-book with your purchase of the Cooling Dog Vest and dive into the life of dogs! This e-book, provides you with foolproof techniques and essential training methods to equip you with the knowledge and practical advice on how to build a better bond with your canine companion for life. 

Strong Guarantee

If you accidentally pick the wrong size, or you simply don’t like it anytime within 30 days of your Cooling Dog Vest arriving. Give us an email. We’ll replace it or give you 100% of your money back. We’re that confident in our product

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the dog cooling vest work?

The dog cooling vest utilises advanced cooling technology that allows for evaporative cooling. When the vest is soaked in water and wrung out, the special fabric retains the moisture. As the water evaporates, it creates a cooling effect that helps regulate your dog's body temperature even on the hottest days.

What if I pick the wrong size?

No worries at all. It happens to the best of us. Email us once your order arrives and we can help exchange it for a more suitable size.

Just remember to not let your dog use the vest, as used vests cannot be exchanged. You'll be able to get a good feel for the size once the vest is opened up.

Can I use the cooling vest for all dog breeds and sizes?

Yes, the cooling vest is suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes. However, it is important to choose the correct size for your dog to ensure a comfortable and effective fit.

How do I pick the right size?

We recommend checking out the size guide, the size guide is based on our thousands of customers feedback giving us the best size that best fit their dog. Take some time to choose the size accurately. We know it can be difficult, is why we have a 30 day money back guarantee if you accidentally choose the wrong size.

Do I need to refrigerate or freeze the cooling vest before use?

No, refrigeration or freezing is not required. Simply soak the cooling vest in water, wring out the excess, and put it on your dog.

However, if you would like to make it cooler you can put it in the refrigerator or freeze it.

Is the cooling vest safe for my dog? Are there any potential risks or side effects?

The cooling vest is designed with your dog's safety in mind. The materials used are typically non-toxic and safe for dogs to wear.

Is the cooling vest machine washable? What are the care instructions?

Yes, the cooling vest is typically machine washable. However, it's important to follow the specific care instructions provided with the product. In general, it is recommended to wash the vest on a gentle cycle with mild detergent and air dry it for best results.

Can I use the cooling vest for other pets, such as cats or rabbits?

The cooling vest is specifically designed for dogs and may not be suitable for other pets. It is recommended to consult with a veterinarian or pet expert before using the cooling vest on pets other than dogs.

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